The Best Water View around Wilmington NC Real Estate -- Seapath Towers

Seapath Towers offers greatest view around Wrightsville Beach

Most units sell between $500,000-1,000,000 these days. there is great variety depending on floor level and views. The Wrightsville Beach condos are here.

Some transcript: Hi.  I am Jay Seville, the team leader of the team here in Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach.  That's Wilmington dash real dash estate dot com.  And just real quick off the cuff, I thought I'd share with you an experience I just had.  A lot of times, when you're looking for oceanfront condos, people come to me because of all my material and authority on the issue, especially for investment properties that are Carolina Beach oceanfront condos or Wrightsville Beach condos such as Shell Island Resort. And I work with a lot of folks looking for second homes and everyone's got this on their mind, "Oceanfront, oceanfront, oceanfront."  And that's the view they want and that's all there is in their mind, but I just finished showing a penthouse unit at Seapath Towers, and I've been in Seapath Towers on lower floors.  And, you know, there, it's about a half-mile walk to the beach.  Well, plenty of positives but it's not an oceanfront, and for that reason, it is upfront dismissed by many folks who come here with the mentality they want an oceanfront home.

View from Seapath Towers


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