Crappy Listing Agents -- How NOT to list at The Riggings Condo in Kure Beach case study

How NOT to list an Ocean Front condo in North  Carolina -- Riggings condo example

Hey everyone it's Jay of Ocean Views Real Estate. And I'm loaded with lots of five star reviews at Zillow. I think I have like 33 5-star reviews. So I do have a quality product out there for you. I’m going to go over another one of my realtor pet peeves here. And that is I did a lengthy one on this using incompetence for example in Cherry Grove Beach. So often the listing agents…they don’t even know the value of their home. Ye they want you to pay top dollar! They can’t even tell you what the potential gross rental income is of the property, and they have to send you to a rental department. And then the rental department is off by 50%. So I mean it's hilarious how incompetent a huge amount of listing agents are.

But another issue I have with these “listing agents” is what a crappy job they do with properties. This is an example of a condo at The Riggings Condominium. Now why would I want to pay top dollar for a home that looks like this. I can barely look at the dark… I can barely see out the corner and big Shadows everywhere. The room is dark in here. O oh that's a great picture isn't it! Just look at that. That really sells the property doesn’t it? What is the point of that picture?

Here's how I introduce the property. Let’s switch to my listing that I listed much more effectively. And now this is the right way to list the property. Doesn’t that look a little more interesting? And now look at how light and sunny and happy and wide the photos are. This is the right way to present a property and to have professional photography–not halfway. So if you're looking to sell at the Riggings Condominium or anywhere in southeast North Carolina my guy is the best. I paid lots of money for the photography. So hire the right listing agent who is going to do right for you. And I should do another part of this series relating to negotiating, but we'll see. Do check out the website sometime. It's the best website in southeast North Carolina and it's called . All the listings are here. And even if you just want to go to oceanfront homes or second row homes or Leland Real Estate I just have tons of fast information on each niche including videos and commentaries on each niche that I've created so talk to you soon….

As an FYI these 1 bedroom oversized units -- about 700 square feet -- gross $42,000 when managed well.

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1437 Fort Fisher Blvd S Kure Beach,  NC 28449
Neighborhood: The Riggings Condominium
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