Dissecting the 2013 Wilmington NC Real Estate Market--Values up 8%

Homes Values up 8% for Wilmington NC Real Estate

  most common price range sold prices up 6 percent wilmington     Quick Synopsis of the Quarter 2013 market in Wilmington NC Home Sales
  • homes values up 8% for (solds not list prices)
  • in the most common price bracket values up 6%
  • surge of homes sales up 28%  (number of transactions) in quarter 3 versus same quarter in 2012) in the most common price range
  • inventory down to reasonable 5.5 months
  • 3.3% increase in sold price as a percent of list price--this is BIG deal. Buyers and sellers are agreeing on home values.
  most common price range stats wilmington nc 2013 3rd quarter                              

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