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Edgewater Trace Homes for Sale Bill Clark New Homes Wilmington NC


Interview with Bill Clark Homes on Edgewater Trace-- a New Homes in Wilmington

Jay Seville: I’m Jay Seville, the team leader of the JustNewListings.com Team in Wilmington, North Carolina and I’m with Heather Archer, sales rep for Bill Clark Homes at Edgewater Trace. Hi Heather. How are you doing today? Heather Archer: I’m great. How are you? Jay Seville: Good, good. Why don’t you tell us about Edgewater Trace? Heather Archer: The neighborhood is a smaller neighborhood. It kind of consists of 16 homes when it’s all said and done. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: We have sold nine of those already. Jay Seville: Wow. Heather Archer: And the next one is [overlap] Jay Seville: Did you sell all of those this year? Heather Archer: We sold one this year and the rest this year. So we’ve sold eight this year. Jay Seville: So you’ll be sold out in probably a few months? Heather Archer: Yeah. We’re hoping a couple months. We only got five lots left. We’re going to start [indiscernible] [0:00:45] homes out there so I should kind of help with you know, getting people to the neighborhood or helping [indiscernible] [0:00:49]. Jay Seville: How long does it take to build a home? Heather Archer: Six months from start to finish. We usually allow one to two months for all your preliminary work and then by the time we break ground about four months. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: This neighborhood is on a set fix so sometimes it takes a little bit longer than our typical build time. So that’s what we estimate. Jay Seville: And is the water well water or city? Heather Archer: It’s city. Jay Seville: It is city. Heather Archer: Um-hum. Jay Seville: Got you. And are we within - How are the taxes here? Are we within Wilmington you know, city itself where there’s extra taxes or are we in New Hanover? Heather Archer: We’re actually in the county. Jay Seville: We’re in the county. Heather Archer: Um-hum. Jay Seville: So that decreases real estate taxes by what? 30% or something? Heather Archer: I think so. Yeah. Our tax rate here is 53 cents per 100 dollars [indiscernible] [0:01:30] values. Jay Seville: Um-hum. Heather Archer: Just to give you a rough idea, if you’re looking at a home that’s about $300,000.00, your yearly tax would be around 16 or 17 hundred dollars a year. Jay Seville: Right. Which is amazing because in New Jersey, similar, I’ve had tons of people from New York and New Jersey contacting me and that’s the first question. What are the property taxes? Heather Archer: Yeah. Jay Seville: And they’re paying a thousand dollars a month. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: So no wonder they’re all coming down here. This is incredible value and a high quality of life. And how many models are there in Edgewater Trace? Heather Archer: We have six different floor plans here. We’ve also brought in other plans from different neighborhoods and - Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: One of the homes that we have proposed, if it doesn’t fit your need, then we can absolutely build, bring in another floor plan. Jay Seville: Right. And what are the square footages of the plans? Heather Archer: We start in here around 2,100 square feet and go up to about 3,400 square feet. Jay Seville: And the prices start at? Heather Archer: We start around 255, just [indiscernible] [0:02:25] and go up to over 300. Jay Seville: Right. So for an extra $50,000.00, one gets another $1,500 square feet which cost per square footage is just ridiculously low for $50,000.00, and it adds only about $350.00 a month to your mortgage payment to have a house twice as big. So as a buyer-agent, I want people to keep in mind, that’s where the value is. Just pay a little bit more and get twice the home. It just makes sense. Anything else about this community? Heather Archer: These lots in here are rather large so what we still have available in the neighborhood, we range in here about a third of acre. Oh so I even have one that’s large as three fourths of an acre. Jay Seville: Right. So about $12,000 square feet generally. So that’s a really large lot for Wilmington. Heather Archer: It is. For Wilmington, it absolutely is. Jay Seville: And it’s for new home construction. Heather Archer: Yes. Jay Seville: That is very large. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: Because most new homes are built on five or seven or eight thousand square foot lots so these are much larger. Heather Archer: Yeah. And you often notice if you want to come and do a little zoom around the neighborhood - Jay Seville: Uh-huh. Heather Archer: We do try to keep as many trees as possible. That’s really a good thing about this neighborhood too is there’s a lot of natural beauty out here so - Jay Seville: It looks like all the homes’ back to the woods. Heather Archer: They do. Jay Seville: Yeah. Heather Archer: Yeah, we’ve got woods on both sides of us. There’s another neighborhood over here and this is empty property behind us so - Jay Seville: So compared to a number of other new home communities in Wilmington, North Carolina, for folks that value some privacy and be closer to nature, Edgewater Trace is a great community to consider. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: Fantastic. Thanks for your time Heather. Heather Archer: Thanks for coming.

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