How Much Does a New Home Cost in Landfall?


Cost of a New Home in Landfall Wilmington

So I've had buyers interested in new homes in Landfall and it brings up the question up front: how much $$$ Too keep it short here are recent new home sales in the neighborhood. You back to golf course and you pay about 15% more. Some Landfall golf course views are worth more than others. A basic fairway view is worth less than the view of a hole with a pond nearby for example.
New Homes Landfall New Homes Landfall

                        And what do you get? What do these new homes look like? Here is curbside photos and kitchen photos. new home 2013 curb photo landfall
New kitchen Landfall 2013 New kitchen Landfall 2013


Sold Prices Landfall 2011-2013 Sold Prices Landfall 2011-2013

Most common Cost of New Homes

                                So generally the typical cost of new construction is $650,000-775,000.  There you go.  Next we'll look at the cost of lots for sale, and there are ton of them available still even though the community is a roughly 25 years old--about 42 active listings for sale now for land.

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