How My Buyers Always Save ADDITIONAL $9,000-40,000 off average sold/list price ratio

How My Buyers always save an ADDITIONAL $9,000-40,000 off average sold price/list price ratio

    First minute explains it--the rest might be interesting if you're into tech and apps and smartphones....How I follow up immediately AFTER showings.   Some of the transcript: Hi, this is Jay, the buyer agent in Greater Wilmington, and I wanted to show you how I work with buyers on the field. And I’m going to show you actually how I process the buyer, the client, after I just finished showing them property, okay? Number one, as far as how I work with buyers, I win. I always win. Generally, I’m getting 3% below the average sold-to-list price ratio. So typically, that saves you an extra $9000 - $30,000, for example. And I attribute that to having started in real estate in Washington DC, where everyone has graduate degrees, everyone is Type A. Very intense, okay? Here in coastal Carolina, agents are generally not nearly as intense, it’s laid back, it’s relaxed. It’s just – the negotiation is – it’s much easier to do down here. I’m winning, I’m always winning. And it’s going great for my buyers. So back to what I do. After I show property, I go into Evernote, and I create a new file for them. I’m going to call this Buyer Four. And I record a voice memo with tons of details about the folks. Where they’re from, where their kids live, why they want to be here. Often, it’s because their kids are nearby. What their favorite sports teams are, what their financial situation, and what their priorities are, etc. It’s usually two to three minutes. And then I write down a list of steps to take next with them to help them as consumers. So – and usually, they’re in bullets and stuff. The folks I was just with, we were looking at 9B. And that’s an ocean view property at Sand Pebbles condominium. And my instincts say it’s a fluke listing. Meaning, if they don’t buy this listing, there’s a good chance they’re not going to get another listing that good for $185,000 in Carolina Beach. This had great views, it already had new appliances, new carpet. So instead of just going on my instincts, though, we’re going to go back a year and pull all the solds under $200,000, ocean view, ocean front in Carolina beach. And let’s see if this is a fluke listing that they really need to move on, otherwise they might not get it again, or if, yeah, they can count on something else [this could] later and come back in December and look again. Also, I’m going to – so I’m going to email them those comps, and solds, and thoughts. I’m going to get them the taxes, the reserve funds for the HOAs. Is this thing broke? Does it have –you know, is it like in the middle of a bunch of drama behind the scenes where they need special assessments? Or is it stable, and consistent, and going well? Going to find out the rental income for the unit and email them the PDF file of the cash flow. I’m going to also search for cottages for them further back. They mentioned they could be further back. They don’t have to see the ocean for a single family house. So I’m going to go on all eight of our beaches and see if there’s any cottages around $200,000 that are further back. $250,000, yeah, I know there’s some really good ones. Under $200,000, I’m not sure. I’m going to get back to them. I’m going to get them a lender to speak to. So I save my note, I attach the audio file to it, and then I’m going to set it as a reminder to go off later today, at let’s say like 4:00. Okay, and then I’m going to tag it. I love tags and Evernotes. So there’s another app I have called Swipes. And it is integrated with Evernote. So if you do – if you tag it Swipes, it’s going to sync to the swipes app and pop up as a pop-up on my screen later through the Swipes app. Here’s the Swipes widget here, and you can see where buyer three already showed up. So I can click on that, and right away, I can click on the Evernote attachment to it and scroll through. And there’s the audio clip right there. And if I want, I can delay this till this evening, okay? And then when I do actually finish with someone, and I go, and I can just you know, cross it off. But my point is, later today, buyer four’s going to show up on my Swipes app. And I can just snooze it till the evening, or tomorrow morning, whatever. But that’s how I process buyers after I work with them. It’s sort of like this ritual I go through, and I thought you’d like that. In the future, I’ll do one of these and show you how I work with buyers when I’m on the field with them because most agents, nine out of ten, cannot offer as an effective showing experience as I can because I have a lot of mobile technology tools that I use on-site when I’m showing houses to people. All right, talk to you soon. Also, let me stuff in some keywords here for Carolina Beach condos for sale, or North Carolina oceanfront homes for sale. Because that’s a lot of what I show, including Shell Island Resort condos. All right, talk to you soon.

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