Latest Landfall Real Estate Analysis -- Strong Market Continues

Landfall Real Estate Stays Strong--Latest Numbers

Buyers and sellers are on the same page....Homes are selling for 95% of the list price.  I'd like to say this takes the drama out of real estate, but that's not even close to being true.  Realtors will grin at that observation for sure. Landfall home buyers and seller on same page

Landfall Foreclosures in Wilmington Lowest in years

Landfall foreclosures in Wilmington lowest in years From 4 active foreclosures down to 1 currently.  Prices in Landfall bottomed out some time ago and  have headed up.   28405 zip code is the strongest market of all for Wilmington real estate.  You can see Landfall foreclosures and short sales here. Jay Seville

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