Most Expensive & Least Expensive Wrightsville Beach Real Estate

What are the most expensive and least expensive Homes sold in Wrightsville Beach?

An intriguing question to consider is the what are the most and least expensive homes sold in Wrightsville Beach real estate the past year. Let's look at this for all types of properties-- townhouses, condos and single family homes. So here we go starting with Wrightsville beach condos for sale.  


Sold for $90,000 with 312 square feet--a shoebox!  However this was not on the "mainland" of Wrightsville Beach but rather on the ICW-- intracoastal waterway.
Least expensive condos sold in Wrightsville Beach


Least Expensive Wrightsville Beach Island Condo Sold $179,000.

It's square footage is 579 and was in the Summer Sands Condominium.                  

Most Expensive Condo Sold $925,000 Past Year with 1338 Sq Ft Duneridge Resort


Least and Most Expensive Townhouse Sold

Least Expensive townhouse Wrigthsville beach 2011       $194,000 for 1132 square feet in Channel Walk townhouse             Lees Cut at Channel Townhouse sold for $520,000 for 1547 sq ft.                  

Single Family Homes for Sale Wrightsville Beach Real Estate

The least expensive single family house sold for $376,000 in Shore Acres              

Most Expensive Home Sold Past year in Duneridge Estates

This home sold for $3,150,000 in February 2012 with 5049 square feet.  However it had been on the market for 4 years and originally listed for 03/20/08 5:01:15 pm Active 5,250,000.  Imagine if it had listed for $3.9 million originally--they would have walked away with an extra $700,000.  Ouch.  But in the moment it is hard for Sellers to deal with the reality of their home values. I encountered this for a couple years representing buyers for Great Falls Real Estate where Seller were behind the market.  $3,500,000 were really worth $2,800,000 and I told buyers just as much.  I take my fiduciary duties seriously to protect buyers from overpaying.                                 Next article will deal with average homes in each type of category condos, townhouses and houses for sale.Jay Seville

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