Oak Island Oceanfronts Market--Prices Going up or Down?

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            Hi, it’s Jay the owner of JustNewListings.com realty.  And here in Wilmington I hang my hat with Coastwalk Real Estate.  I am the owner not only of JustNewListings.com but Wilmington-Real-Estate.com, www.wilmingtonrealestate.com.  I figured with this video, with this email to some folks, I should at least give a little quick video on something halfway interesting.   So here is a little something I came across today, later, real soon hopefully, this year I am going to do an intense video about Oceanfront Real Estate in the big picture on how it relates to your portfolio etc. Some really frank, honest input including you know, maybe a little hint of critical stuff in there not that you can escape with these days.  But for now here is a little quick titbit on looking at numbers and graphs in real-estate and figuring out what’s going on.   I am closing on a home in Oceanfront Oak Island this week and gosh, this would be home #10 here since August, August through December I have had 10 closings.  And the concern is, wow, look at this the 3rd quartile, the next to the highest price bracket in Oak Island, look at the appreciation in the last year.  It’s like, woo, did I buy at the peak of the market, is my investment only downhill from there, you know that’s what it looks like, it’s a little bit alarming here.  You got 2015, 2016.  It’s about almost 2 years of real-estate here.
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