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SCROLL TO BOTTOM TO SEE ACTIVE LISTINGS FOR THIS COMMUNITY Hi, I am Jay Seville, here at Porters Pointe, a Bill Clark Homes Community in Wilmington, North Carolina and I am with Heather Archer, the builder’s rep at this community. How are you doing, Heather? Heather Archer: I am doing great. How are you? Jay Seville: Very good. Let’s both speak loudly. And I have a few questions. Heather, how long has this Porters Pointe Community been on the market? How long have you been building this? Heather Archer: Bill Clark Homes has been in the neighborhood now for about a year. So, we start – we had our official grand opening last September. So, we’ve been here a little over a year. Jay Seville: How many homes have been built so far? Heather Archer: As far as under construction at [Indiscernible] [0:00:43] we’ve sold a total of 26, some of those have not yet broken ground. So, I’ll probably say at least 20 are under construction at this point.

Porters Pointe Bill Clark Homes

Jay Seville: And this year – so, how about this year in the 2012, how many homes have sold? Heather Archer: We have sold a total of 22 homes this year. Jay Seville: Alrighty. That’s pretty fast. Heather Archer: Yeah. Jay Seville: That’s amazing. And if someone buys a home in Porter’s Pointe, how long does it take to get from writing the contract to delivery date? Heather Archer: Typically, we estimate about six months for the whole process and we do allow one to two months for all your preliminary work. You got to meet with our interior designer. We order your plans, order the permit. And once we break ground, it’s typically about four months. Jay Seville: Right. So, an interior designer gets to consult with your buyers? Heather Archer: You sure do. Jay Seville: Fantastic. And what else can you tell me about Porters Pointe. Heather Archer: We do a lot of standard features here in Porters Pointe. I think you will find as far as the architecture in Wilmington, it is very unique with the rear entry garages, the big front porches. It’s kind of conducive to what you would say like kind of the old downtown area. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: We do a lot of standard features and we are natural gas out here, so a major plus, fireplace, solar water heater all contain natural gas. Jay Seville: Right, I know just from having arrived already, I am seeing some remarkable features, big front porches, rear entry garages; I have not been seeing that at any other new constructions so far in the area. And I am just going to rise up to the roof of the front porch to show people how gorgeous that is. What kind of wood is that or what kind of material? Heather Archer: It’s a bead board and we actually shine it. We can also paint it as well. Jay Seville: Right. White sometimes people. Anyway, yeah, these are beautiful homes. I am going to take a tour of the model inside. And as far as Porter’s Pointe, how – what’s the distance here to get like to Downtown Wilmington? How long does it take? Heather Archer: Downtown is really easy with the new bypass. It will take you maybe 10 or 15 minutes; Wrightsville Beach, probably again 15, 20 minutes; Mayfaire, we’re literally 5 minutes from that. Jay Seville: Oh, wow, Mayfaire. Heather Archer: And also we have a really nice shopping center that backs up to our neighborhood and has, you know, some really nice stores, restaurants, mobile boutiques so that’s within [Indiscernible] [0:02:57] as well. Jay Seville: And how long – how many more homes are left? How many more lots are available? Heather Archer: We are about halfway sold out. So, we have another 28 homes to sale. So, we’re hoping to be completed here in about a year. Jay Seville: I think you will be completed by the end of spring 2013. Heather Archer: I hope so. Jay Seville: Because the market is booming, prices have started rising. So, if someone is going to buy a home, they should do it now in the winter, otherwise, they will be losing a few percent equity next year because the market really turned the corner this year. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: Alright. Let’s go inside and look at the map. Heather Archer: Okay, sure. Come on. Jay Seville: Questions, Heather. Sure. How many floor plans do you have? Heather Archer: In Porter’s Pointe, we have 94 floor plans. Each floor plan actually has three different elevations. So, we’re trying to really make the neighborhood feel like a custom neighborhood. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: So, every houses are not the same. Jay Seville: Oh, that’s really cool and very thoughtful. And what is the square footage of the floor plans? What do they range from? Heather Archer: We start around 1500 and go up to about 3000 square feet. Price points are starting around 254 and go up a little over 300. Jay Seville: Right. So, from 254 to 300, it sounds like there is a lot of extra value for the square footage if you just bump your sales price little bit. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: Because the difference in your mortgage is rather minimal for $50,000 sales price. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: In fact, it’s probably only $300 extra a month, 400 for an extra 1,500 square feet. Heather Archer: Yeah. Jay Seville: So, if anyone is buying in Porters Pointe, they should really consider obviously bumping out 20, 30 or 50,000 and getting a lot more home for almost the same monthly payment, right. Heather Archer: Yeah. Well, the good thing too when you come into our neighborhoods, you don’t have to upgrade everything, granite comes standard, [Indiscernible] [0:04:42] living area. We do a lot of built ins; a lot of copper ceilings. We will walk through the house in a second. Jay Seville: Okay. Heather Archer: I am going to point out some of the standard things that we do. Jay Seville: Great. So, included in the price are a lot of standard features that normally buyers are having to upgrade with other builders in the area. Heather Archer: Correct. Jay Seville: That’s good to know. Alright, great. It’s been nice talking with you, Heather. Heather Archer: Me too. Jay Seville: Okay. We’re at Porter’s Pointe. We are at the club house in the swimming pool. And, I am going to pan over here, Heather if you don’t mind and let people see what it looks like. Not many – here we go. So, Heather, I will make this observation since I have done a lot of new homes in Wilmington, North Carolina and negotiated contracts. Not many of the new communities have swimming pools. Heather Archer: Absolutely. Jay Seville: And that’s what I have found a lot of buyers are looking for swimming pools and that’s helped them, caused them to cross many communities off their list with other builders. So, this must be a big selling feature for you? Heather Archer: It is actually. We built this, this summer we had it ready for the residence here to enjoy [Indiscernible] [0:05:48] and actually just closed last month. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: But yeah it’s a really good fenced pool. We had a big grand opening for all the residents when we had it and plenty of space. There is, you know, plenty of chairs, not at right now. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: We’re going to [Indiscernible] [0:06:00] but. Jay Seville: Sure. Heather Archer: Yeah, it’s a great little area. And there is also a covered porch here. Jay Seville: Okay. Heather Archer: Typically does have tables and chairs up under it. Jay Seville: Right. Heather Archer: You can bring your lunch and. Jay Seville: Cool. Now, do people sort of often order a delivery like pizzas to be delivered here? Heather Archer: I am sure they do, yeah. I am not around here a lot to really see it. But I am sure. Jay Seville: At Echo Farms homes I see that a lot of the families are at the pool and they have pizzas delivered… Heather Archer: Yeah. Jay Seville: …on the spot. And what’s the monthly fee here at Porters Pointe bill clark homes? Heather Archer: $75 a month. Jay Seville: $75 a month. Heather Archer: And access to the porch, the pool; maintains other commoner in the neighborhood and we also have private streets here. Jay Seville: Private streets, great. Alright. Thanks again, Heather. Heather Archer: You are welcome. Thanks.
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