Quick Market Data for Wilmington NC Real Estate & Kure Beach

Some real quick market data with no commentary

I do want to point out that to not be freaked out by Nov-January dips in charts below--that's is the annual trend.  The big picture of where the market ends April-October is what matters.  That's why buying in Winter is great move for buyers--prices dip.  If you missed it I analyzed in depth (skip to 2:40 mark) the Wilmington market here https://wilmington-real-estate.com/2013/10/28/dissecting-2013-wilmington-nc-real-estate-market-values-8/  Bottom line was that when you take out the under $100,000 market that the sold price were up 4% in the Wilmington NC real estate market.  The video is 10-13 minutes long and goes into the nitty gritty.   This is Porters Neck area -- north Wilmington.   This is Wrightsville Beach NC.   This is for Kure Beach NC home prices including oceanfront.

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