Surf Suites Condo in Wrightsville Beach Shines After Renovations

The New Surf Suites Condo in Wrightsville Beach is the Bomb

Surf Suites went through a major transformation. that is the Surf Suites condo at Wrightsville Beach condos for sale and renovations throughout the building. They were completed around May 2019. I had shown some photos of the original building and now comparing it to the renovated building because of how all-encompassing the renovations are inside the building. The renovations were comprehensive and deep in every way: walls, floors, appliances, counters, ductwork, andmaybe even piping. Essentially it's a new construction condo for all the intents and purpose. And the market values have gone up considerably. Quick let's look at some of the pictures. These do not do it justice by the way. These photos are just taken with a smartphone camera without enough lighting. What's the most exciting thing is the surf Suites condo and instead of this galley kitchen that you see in studio condos like the Shell Island Resort they are all going to have kitchen islands and yes it is functional and I think it's a great use of the floor space. That'll give people the chance to have bar stools, etc.

Surf Suites 100% Renovated into NEW CONSTRUCTION condo

Surf Suites kitchen All floors have islands to them and it's very classy and functional and practical. None of the others like Atlantic Towers Carolina Beach, Shell Island Resort have islands to work with and for laying out food for friends that are coming over to visit you at the beach. It's just going to be very practical and effective and efficient. Here's the new counters at surf Suites some of the new LPV flooring, new cabinetry. I believe that it's quartz but maybe it is marble this happens to be a unit on the first floor which I believe is compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is what I'm assuming. It doesn't have any artwork up or anything. Once they're completely finished of course it's going to be another 50 percent nicer looking. This is the view from the first floor looking out at the ocean. It's fantastic so unlike a lot of properties, even the first floor units of Surf Suites give great ocean views and it's like walking out directly to your own Beach. The return on investment (ROI) here is so good at Surf Suites condo in Wrightsville Beach because the management fee is really low, and on that topic the  building is run like a well-oiled machine. Surf Suites went about 11 years without an special assessment before Hurricane Florence. So people who buy into this building are getting a great product and essentially a great team to work with. So you know historically the first floor has even grossed up to around $25,000 before; I've seen the 1099 form. The fourth generally higher floors gross significantly more $36,000, but it's a great return on investment and it's going to be a very exclusive opportunity because of the lack of inventory. If you get a chance to buy one of these do not waste anyone's time with a low offer and lowball it. It will just not go anywhere and people's time is valuable. These are exclusive, and they're going to be very rare to get an opportunity to purchase any of them. And I've got access to some Sellers interested in selling so if you are interested in buying one of these units please contact me and I'll do my best to try and get an opportunity for you to view one of these Surf Suites condo units for sale.

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