Video Introduction to Buyer Agent for Landfall Homes in Wilmington

Best Buyer agent for Landfall homes in Wilmington NC?

Transcription for the Landfall Buyer Agent Video Intro

Hi, I'm Jay Seville, the owner of realty in Northern Virginia, in Washington DC, and shortly opening in Wilmington, North Carolina. Right now, in Wilmington I'm temporarily hanging my license at coastal properties and I wanted to give you an update on my Landfall tag, of my real estate blog. I'm purely a buyer agent, I love negotiating, I love saving people money, and one of the areas that I'm working, and becoming a niche expert on, is Landfall. And I wanted to give you a little window into my mentality as a buyer agent. You know, I'm used to doing with my team 36 transactions a year in Northern Virginia, which probably puts me in the top one half of one percent of agents, and especially of buyer agents, it’s rare for a buyer agent to do more than, perhaps, ten transactions. So, with Landfall, I will be writing articles about it regularly, I will be ranked, when you Google Landfall homes for sale, Wilmington. I’ll be ranked, eventually I believe, at number one for the Real Estate blog or when I put the listings on Right now, if you Google Landfall homes for sale, short sales, Wilmington, my site is probably number 17, number 19, and I just started. So, I'm going to be a powerhouse presence within there shortly, and my mentality for this is, I don’t go into Landfall with some sort of worshipful mentality of the neighborhood, because it’s sought after, where I'm immediately respecting the listing prices of these so called listing agents. That’s sort of how it was in Great Falls, Virginia. The average listing price there at 1.4 million, okay? So, I went in there showing three and a half million dollar homes and I told these people, no, these are only worth 2.9 million now, they’re way off the mark here. And as is often the case, sellers are slow to catch up with the real market place, especially in the most sought after neighborhoods or higher end real estate. Which in Landfall is probably, you know, 800,000 plus. Sure enough, a year later, listing prices for the high end are down below 3 million, so I served my clients well. I told them these sellers weren’t serious yet, not to waste their money. I'm a consumer advocate for buyers, and when I go into Landfall, to negotiate contracts for you, I will not have some immediate respect for the listing price. Instead, I will be cynical and suspicious about it, and I will research each listing of a home that you want to buy and I will do it case by case, and I will let you know what is the most aggressive offer we can make on a Landfall home for sale, and still get a counter offer back from the seller. And I tend to have very good influence with listing agents, because they respect productive buyer agents profoundly. And often one way I can get my message across to the sellers directly, when making an offer on a home in Landfall, is through video email. I lay out our reasons why we’re putting this price out there, why the sellers may as well work with us now; otherwise they wait three months for the same offer later. So, get it over with, do business, close the deal right now. So, there you go, my name is Jay Seville, I look forward to being your buyer agent soon, and keep following or subscribe to this tag in, all dashes there, and you’ll learn everything you need to know about Landfall real estate. Thanks, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye, bye. Jay Seville

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