Video on Waterfront Wilmington Creek View Real Estate Including Landfall

What are the Wilmington NC Creeks with Waterfront Homes

Landfall ICWW homes There is a map of the waterfront ICWW Landfall homes for sale.  And down below the video is a pic of the active real estate listings at the time of this post that fit the bill.  The creek they view is Howe Creek in Landfall.

            map of creek waterfront homes in Wilmington nc

.....We’ll start on the north side over by Porter’s neck and here you have Futch Creek and next you have Pages creek, and here is Howe, and down here is Bradley, and down the Masonboro – Hewletts, and also Whiskey creek homes.  And with this map they’re all tied into my website as well so if we click on Whiskey creek homes it’ll land you on one of my website pages.  So that gives you an idea visually where are these obviously they’re all are on the coastal side and I figured I would show you a couple of the homes in particular show you the views we’re talking about and what not. This picture I actually took from the back of a home in Pages creek that we almost wrote a contract on and then we did not.  But it had the typical seventy or a hundred foot pier going out into the wet lands.  We had white egrets and birds and turtles going around.  It’s just a wonderful, wonderful setting.  And I’m going to go over some of the what I would call the tendencies or the norms of a lot of these waterfront creek view homes in a minute, but first I’ll show you just a couple of pictures. Here’s 11401 Futch Creek, here’s the back side of the house.  Up the woods there’s a much smaller pier here, a hammock over here – classic.  And this one I showed this one as well before I’m rusty on it I showed a lot of these homes.  Many have gone under contract since last time. Nice sun room overlooking the water, really cool stuff.  Here’s another one, Donnelly, I showed a few times, this is over by Whiskey Creek.  Very sort of a contemporary coastal home, the back side had awesome big, big water views that are just, I call them to die for, sorry for the cliché but it’s just wonderful.  Imagine eating dinner every night looking out into this, really, really cool.  It’s a neat house too, very modern inside.  One of the rooms was literally 90 degree angle loft to go up a ladder just to which you know would be very cool for kids I would say. And then Pages creek over here, but I think I already mentioned that.  So I wanna go into this one, my one main web page for creek front homes.  All of these have a link to the specific creeks involved, there’s six of them.  Click on any of these pages and you’ll get to see any of these listings many of which are you know directly on the creek, facing the creek and give you amazing views.  Obviously when you get over into the million dollar plus range, you’re just going to have some amazing sights there.  Mostly I, seems like I’ve been showing around $800,000 to a million dollar homes but let’s click on one of these beauties and see what we have I believe that the Landfall homes look out at Howe creek and yeah ‘cause I’ve shown a few of these for 2 and 3 million dollars and never will forget those homes, very special.  A lot of those are an acre, acre and a half, sometimes three acres and it’s just it’s like living in the middle of nature, the water is just a wonderful experience.Here’s some of the items I have for you in terms of laying out the pluses of these creek homes. One, if you’re a nature lover it doesn’t get much better than this.  You’re in the middle of a bunch of wild life, you have a high tide and a low tide each day.  Birds, turtles, everything, a lot of wild life is all around you.  Some of them sort of have their home there right there on that piece of property and everyday you see the same white bird often all throughout the day, yes it’s really nice. Two, you have the salt water smell of the marsh or the creek and many people love that smell.  For others they’re a little put off by it, but then it grows on them and they’re loving the smell of Three, you can ride your boat off the back of your property out into the, I see ‘w’ ‘w’, into the small islands in the area and get out into the ocean.  Three, you can get on a kayak or paddle board right from your backyard and head out on an amazing adventure into the creeks and maybe all the way out to the inter-coastal waterway.Four, a lot of these homes already have a dock and their pier set-up.  I believe these docks are about a hundred dollars a square-foot linear so it may cost $10,000 to have a seventy foot pier because it’s a hundred foot plus per linear square foot, a linear foot excuse me.  And then some of the boat lifts in it by themselves might be worth $20,000 so when you buy one of these homes that already have a pier, you’re already getting some value with it.Five, a lot of these homes are already in sought after school districts like Ogden elementary or Hoggard high school.  So if you’re looking for those homes that school district some of these creeks play out perfectly for you. Another one advantage of these creek view homes, generally they are half-acre lots, sometimes under one and two acres, but generally they’re all a half acre and usually they’re at least one acre.  I think I mentioned this at the beginning, that is a home on a creek such is Hewlett’s creek may cost $650,000, whereas if it’s going to be an ocean view home, the same home, or maybe not nearly as nice inside would be $900,000.  So it’s a value proposition and for many people I think the creek front home is a better way to go.  And then I already mentioned the water boat, the water boarding, the paddle boarding this is not a torture session, the real estate video may be cheesy enough to be torture sort of like water boarding, but no.  We’re talking about paddleboarding and kayaking and that’s one of the big benefits of a waterfront home.  You get to come by and love of nature with exercise and it’s a fantastic experience. So there you go.  Some of the basics including this map and I have a link to it in that website that shows you the different creeks here to search for.  And you can divide those up within school districts as well.  You can divide them up into which homes already have a boatlift or maybe they’re not on the water itself but they have a, they share a community water access point, a dock where you’re allowed to use it.  And that would save you instead of $650,000 that home may only be $500,000 but you get access to the water, to the dock of the community to pull your, to put your boat in and to bring it out. So there’s different ways of getting the creek experience, the waterfront home experience, it would just being in the neighborhood themselves even if you’re not actually on the creek.  So, there’s a number of variables to consider I look forward to showing some of these homes to you.  They are a lot of fun to view because of the wildlife and the big views.  They’re really exciting homes to show that’s for sure.  Talk to you soon.  

Pic of Current ICWW Landfall Homes for Sale in Wilmington

  Landfall Howe creek ICWW real estateThe next post will  focus on Waterfront homes Landfall Wilmington.

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