No Way! Carolina Beach Real Estate up 13% ???

Can it be that Carolina Beach Real Estate Values are up 13% ?

  &nbsp &nbsp Hi I am Jay Seville the realtor behind and because we are focused on Carolina Beach real estate today I am not wearing the power suit that I was so used to wearing up in Washington DC.  I am wearing, this is my regular beach attire that I show property [Phonetic] with the stays in Carolina Beach and of course I live and work full time here in Wilmington and Carolina Beach.  The office is on South Lake, Park Boulevard.  And finally I have gotten around to doing an in-depth analysis of CB real estate.  It's been needed for a while and this is going to give you a lot of information.  It's going to give you the big picture of all the residential real estate and then we are going to look a little more narrow such as the classic beach cottage niche and the oceanfront condo niche.  

Carolina Beach Oceanfront Condos for sale

Later in the video it details how Carolina Beach oceanfront condos are up 4% in value from a year ago. So, I will walk you through that in a real quick easy way to remember who I am as I am the realtor with too many kids.  I have seven little kiddos  and I am very busy and that’s why I am asking you to not notice the crib in my office off to the side.  Hopefully in about three months I will have my office back and be able to decorate it with placks, awards, pictures and standard man cave stuff like surfboard and Arizona State paraphernalia.                                 All right, now let's move on, this slide here has the picture or the actual website of, some of the recent articles, what are real estate taxes here in the area, the difference between city limits outside the city limits, the market frenzy for the 200,000 dollar; price range in Wilmington, quick market data for Kure Beach Wilmington, here an article on the special assessment that was done for Shell Island Resort condotel in Wrightsville Beach, you get the idea, a lots of detailed niche articles for you to buy or regardless of what niche you are interested in.  I probably have a lot of material on it such as Hoggard High School Homes for sale et cetera.   All right, let's get started with the big picture here and this is spring inventory for Carolina Beach.  This includes all residential real estate, I have not narrowed down the price range or square foot or anything and what year we have here is a 20% increase almost in inventory compared to a year ago.  Why would that be?  Well look at this giant spike here from December and January.  Guess what we had here in Carolina Beach as is – as was the case in much of the Northeast. We had the worst winter ever.  Literally real estate just stopped here because we had snow, we even had oceanfront snow, can you – imagine.  So, before reading too much into this I would wait for the whole year to reach any conclusions and see how the inventory pans out, at the end of 2014 is it going to be the same as last year or did it in fact go up.

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