What is the average price of a Wrightsville Beach Condo? Trends....

Average prices of Wrightsville Beach Condos for sale

Pretty soon I'll hammer out the Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wrightsville Beach Condo like I did in another market I used to live in.  It will cover building by building what each size condo is worth--the market values so you have a frame of reference as you begin your house hunt.  Here's one on buying a Clarendon condo for sale. One thing is for sure...with me you will not overpay.  The JusNewListings.com team prides itself on being consumer advocates in the Wilmington NC real estate marketplace.

  So you can see the 4 price quartiles.  The bottom quartile is completely flat while the others have come down the past year.  If you go back 2 or 3 years though the price drops has flattened out big time.   Each Wrightsville beach condo will be assessed case by case and likely we can get you 1-3% below market value on it if you'll take my advice. :) Jay Seville

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