What the Last 2 Weeks of Landfall Homes real estate listings tell us

Price--What the last 2 weeks of Landfall homes for sale say

A quick snapshot of the last 2 weeks of new Landfall homes for sale can tell us a lot about the neighborhood and the market in a short amount of time.  It is also good summary of the spring real estate market in 28405 of Wilmington NC real estate.
trends for landfall homes living area and price

  1. In the last 2 weeks the average price of new Landfall real estate listings is $670,000.
  2. The average square feet or living area has been 3,696.  pretty roomy for most families no?
  3. And there have been 10 new listings from March 16-30, 2012-- about 5 new homes/week are listing.

Most interesting--Half the new Landfall listings went under contract in 1 week

Perhaps most interesting of all is that half the new listing went under contract immediately.  So if a home is showing well and priced right chances are it's gone.  This means competing offers and it's critical to know how to have a TOP agent that knows how to win against competing offers.  your agents who do a few transactions a year living off their spouses income are NOT going to win homes for you.  Your best agents are 24/7/365 because they have their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace--not just dabbling in it when it's convenient or they need spending money.Jay Seville

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