What's up with Landfall Home Prices in Wilmington NC?

Landfall homes prices shift down...and UP in Wilmington 28405???

So what's the latest and greatest with Landfall home prices in Wilmington NC?  As is usually the case in Wilmington real estate markets that are recovering...it depends on several factors.   Real estate is so totally hyperlocal that within the same neighborhood you can have opposite trends simultaneously.
Top price bracket drops for Landfall homes for sale 2012


Top Quartile of Home Prices Continue to fall in Landfall Neighborhood

Often in recovering markets it's the top price quartile or bracket that continues to drop in value while the lower quartiles regain their value or hold steady again.  See the upper second quartile with the green line above in 28405 real estate zip code.  It's and it's lower third have started to increase in price again.  I'd say some of the Landfall real estate market has bottomed out and some of it still needs to come down. Don't write that observation in stone yet...but I'll speak more authoritatively on it in the coming months when I get more saturated in the neighborhood.  

Who am I to Write about this stuff in Landfall anyway?

I'm Jay Seville the owner of JustNewListings.com Realty, Inc. found in Northern Virginia and Washington DC.  I've moved to Wilmington and will be running another buyer agent team whose mission it is to never let somebody overpay for their home and to help win their home if competing against other offers by taking advantage of 10,000,000-12,000,000 / year experience in negotiating real estate contracts. :)  Jay Seville

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